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The Next-Gen Platform for Creators
A decentralized social platform revolutionizing creator-fan connections.
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About the platform
The future of the creator economy
Our platform makes it easy for you to monetize your premium content and receive payment for every unlock. You have full control over your earnings, without the need for intermediaries who often take a big cut of your profits.
Premium Content
Pay to unlock
Unlock premium content and gain exclusive access to more in-depth material from your favourite creators.
For Creators
How to become a creator

Few steps to start monetizing your awesome content

Set up your wallet

Set up your MetaMask wallet (more wallets coming soon), and connect it to our platform.

Post Your Content

Once that's done you can upload your work (image, video), write a caption, and post it.

Get Rewarded

Publish your post and start connecting with your fans. Get rewarded by those who love your content.
Our Concept

The platform

Your account can never be banned and there is no risk of losing your hard-earned followers, giving you peace of mind as you build your creative empire. You have the freedom to create the content that you love, and the power to determine how you want to monetize it.
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Life Changing Experience
Thug Monkey
Our community
Creators from all over the world
Social media is moving to embrace Web3 very rapidly and is undergoing a revolutionary change right now. Our platform takes a community-first approach. We are strong supporters of transparency and fairness, and we couldn't do this without you, awesome creators!
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Engage directly with your fans, and monetize the content that your followers find immensely valuable.