The Next Generation Platform for Digital Creators

A subscription-based photo and video-sharing platform where digital creators have an equal chance to monetise their content, regardless of where they live in the world.

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What We Stand For

Ownership of Data

You are in charge of your content and you decide when to monetize it.

Your data is fully secured and if someone tries to steal your work, we can detect that quite efficiently.

Freedom of Speech

We are true believers in the freedom of speech and self-expression.

Your account can never be banned and there is no risk of losing your hard-earned follower base.

A Fair Reward System

Digital creators are getting sick of being ripped off.

Engage directly with your fans, and monetize the content that your followers find immensely valuable.

How It Works

Set up your wallet

Set up your MetaMask wallet (more wallets coming soon), and connect it to our platform.

Post Your Content

Once that's done you can upload your work (image, video), write a caption, and post it.

Get Rewarded

Publish your post and start connecting with your fans. Get rewarded by those who love your content.

About Us

Our mission is to help digital creators monetize and allow fans to connect with the creators they love in a unique way.